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Monday, May 12, 2008

ABDILLAH SM : SASTERA - Poetry In English / The Truth

the truth

say !
you feel like inviting me
to storm into the night
kuala lumpur; the strong minaret
softly pricking the sky of the hazy city
dale of passion meaning of a dream
never yet slack to fade
carefree of time for sleep

soundly promises dreams

life crawls between
consciousness or deeply asleep
between dreams and raving, ceaselessly
creeping to the top of desire, say it to me
let me answer the exact

my love
interpreting signs of blinking
the minaret is similar
lighting house at promontory
releasing restlessness
yearning for the meaning
never would l guess till
say you the exact to me

i'm island people who is shy; never
roars of crushing waves on the beach
able to influence
demanding a pearl still
concealed being
pliable within nerve
wrecking condensation.

kuala lumpur
2 okt 2003

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