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Monday, May 12, 2008

ABDILLAH SM : SASTERA - Poetry In English / Silambara


silambara had just begun
battle of dewa-dewa
how could there be a winner
magical against wooden swords;
believe our people!

dewata delegates sagerba
to surround the magnificent world
as the sun vanished full moon suddenly shines
prominently appeares a hero from


fire flies celebrating; cheering
the change of the entire world
the high tide was full; the petambangs retire
awaiting the low tide; bringing along gossips
down the estuary

battles of our people caused them
sacrifices by pawning the ladder
pity our people
losing the ladder; swaying their legs

pity our people
losing the ladder keep staring
at their legs!

petra jaya
6 sept 1996

dewata - the ruling god
- a goddess

silambara - battle (contest)

dewa-dewa - gods / angelss
rimba - jungle
rumbia - sago palm
s - boatmen

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