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Monday, May 12, 2008

ABDILLAH SM : SASTERA - Poetry In English / Tasik Biru

tasik biru

kiambang at the lake
attracts memories
yearning for the account
of romance each moment
expecting the presence
with love and purity

ardent was my desire
continuously dragging to
the corner of flaming night
to the foot of dusk, ouch!
when definite it happens

kiambang’s floating in
the blue lake touches
my feelings of love
never yet have I seen
the formation

kiambang and the blue lake
together they pressure
my sorrow to
the woeful corner

moments of adolescence
like rainbow stretching
over the day
the surface has its reflection
here comes the longing
only the yearning.

tasik biru
bau, sarawak
ogos 1983

kiambang plant found in abundance
in stagnant or slow-moving waters,
the leaves of which resemble lettuce.
'Tasik Biru' – name of a lake

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