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Saturday, December 20, 2008

ABDILLAH SM : SASTERA - Poetry In English / The Pledge

the pledge

we the offspring

mother, the nusantara

mystical passion

labour of contraction

caused brilliance

the melayu

fragrance milk of kindness

bosom intimate fraternity

crisped nostalgic glory

moral and dignity

esprit of purity

mind containing

placental ties of the melayu

accompany their wanderings

dispersing fertile seedlings

beautiful jungles the yards

herbs and spices

rhythming waves

originating melayu existence

ocean of struggle

red is the blood

pledge after birth

accept this greeting homage

from hands of legacy

melayu goodwill

bondage nostalgic embrace

love symphony serenades

lamp of the epoch

we, the nusantara offspring

untying knots of the pledge

promises mother swore the universe

history is an obligation, nah!

take the bow shaking trusted hands

tightly, never let to rest

till dissolves

into infinity

abdillah sm

20 december 2008


taufek18 said...

Leading towards mystical understanding and belief. U have strong characteristic in bringing yr myth into the beautiful thinking in literature distinction. Your touch I do believe not all could really understand and have the proper way to digestive them all but... in transcendance manner you got it to succeed with what u believe. The power of great man to think and have thought. Keep it up and stay with yr own prestige.

Abdillah SM said...

sdr taufek,
thank you. it is my pride to be able to share it with you. got ur sms just now.

pelbagai kaum - ngada2 jak abg buat berjela-jela. u takecare, ok!